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About me

Yael Benarroch

Yael was born in Madrid (Spain). From before she was born, her family was already involved in the fashion world.

Her maternal grandfather, a textile industrialist, had large factories in South America.
On the other hand, her father founded a large-scale wedding dress factory in Barcelona with his brother, a company that his mother joined to incorporate party dresses in the 70s.

Since she was little, Yael grows between fabrics, threads and patterns. From an early age she learns the art of sewing with her mother and aunt. At only 8 years old she already knows how to embroider rhinestones and sew by hand.

After studying a degree in economics, getting married and having her first daughter, at the age of 25 she decided to resume her passion for sewing.

She has completed her training at Shenkar, a prestigious international design school in Tel Aviv with complementary fashion studies.



Yadel is making a dream come true. The designer Yael Benarroch aims to reach the hearts and dreams of each client, always giving the best service.

From her youth she saw the happiness and joy of all the clients who had her mother z.l. and her aunt, where the design of the sketch, the cut and the making of each garment were done with great care and professionalism, leaving a perfect result. Her work was haute couture.

Today, with Yadel, Yael and their team aim to make your dream come true and turn your ideas into your dream garment for your special moments, always highlighting your beauty and making your garments unique and exclusive.

May your stay at Yadel be always pleasant and enjoy every moment in our store.


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